Description Defines weapon animations
Location assets\data\Animations.dat

"Animations.dat" is a data file. It defines how weapons move while attacking and charging.

Also see items.dat


	animations: {
		"animationName": {
			class: "com.interrupt.dungeoneer.gfx.animation.lerp3d.LerpedAnimation",
			actionTime: 10,
			frames: [
				{ transform: {x:0.0, y:0.0, z:0.0}, rotation: {x:-0.0, y:0.0, z:0.0}, length:  1.0}
				[, {...}, {...}]


Name Value Description
actionTime integer

How quickly after an attack will the weapon actually hit the target. This value is only used for attacks, and not for charges.

frames list of transformation values Animation keyframes

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